At Neighborhood Villages, we’re about improving access to high-quality, affordable child care.


At Neighborhood Villages, we know how a healthy child care system should look and we know that creating one is possible. Our policy solutions are informed by the work we do on the ground with child care providers and community-based organizations that support families with young children. In turn, our programmatic work is designed to be replicable, scalable, and sustainable: our intent is to lay the foundation for successful implementation of the policy reforms for which we advocate.   We believe that improving access to affordable, high quality child care and early education requires both public policy change and making ground-level interventions. So that’s exactly what we do: we do both.  

We advocate for the policy change that is required to make high-quality child care and early education affordable for families in the United States. Neighborhood Villages has united with employers, advocacy organizations, the health sector, and child care providers to advocate for a public child care program that would meet the needs of today’s workforce, set children and families up to thrive, and support excellence in child care and early learning programming. Child-care affordability must go hand-in-hand with quality and families should not be forced to choose between the two. In addition, early educators deserve to be recognized and paid as the teachers that they are.  Our reform agenda points to U.S. Military Child Care and other home-grown programs in the United States as proof points that a state can invest in and sustain a true child care program – one that offers families access to a system of high-quality, affordable child care providers.

We work with community providers to develop programs that inform early education and care systems reform and ensure success. In partnership with early learning and child care centers, community health centers, and community-based organizations, Neighborhood Villages is designing and piloting programs intended to inform both policy reform and its implementation. Our core intervention areas include:

  • Providing Operations Support to Promote Excellence in Early Learning Programming

  • Stabilizing the Early Education Workforce Through Teacher Training and Fellowship Programs

  • Transforming Child Care and Early Learning Centers into Neighborhood Resource Hubs

What we do is based on what we know.

Child care is increasingly critical to workforce participation, to household economic security, to gender and racial equity, and to preventing and closing education achievement gaps. Research demonstrates that access to early learning programs impacts a child’s education and employment arc over the lifespan and also has a direct effect on health and wellbeing. Yet, the child care market remains fundamentally broken. It is failing our families, our child care providers, and our children; as a result, it is crippling our workforce, hurting the economy, and short-changing our children.

It’s time to change how we view child care; it’s time to pave a new way forward.

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