At Neighborhood Villages, we’re driving a new conversation about child care.

Neighborhood Villages is on the frontlines, advocating for real, systems-level policy change that would increase access to affordable, high-quality child care for all families in communities across America. In the United States, families need greater access to affordable child care and they need it now. Affordability must go hand-in-hand with quality and families should not be forced to choose between the two.  We are uniting with the business community, advocacy organizations, the public sector, and child care providers to fight for a public child care program that would support the needs of today’s workforce and set children and families up to thrive.

Neighborhood Villages is committed to demonstration of best practice. We translate policy into practice by designing best-in-class schools that go beyond education to address the needs of the whole child and family. In partnership with community-based and academic institutions, we have cultivated a school design model that takes a two-generation approach to delivering affordable, high-quality child care that begins at birth. The Neighborhood Village School model is highly integrated with the health and other social sectors, curated to serve the whole child, and designed to reflect the lived reality of today’s modern family.

What we do is based on what we know.

Access to child care drives the American economy; yet, the United States has failed to keep up with the needs of its diversified workforce. As a result, lack of access to affordable, high-quality child care is crippling households across the country. It’s time for our nation to invest in a strong child care system; one that better supports today’s workforce, lays the foundation for a strong economy, and sets children and their families up to thrive.

 At Neighborhood Villages, we envision a future in which all families in the United States have access to affordable, high-quality child care. That’s why we are on the frontlines advocating for change.

Access to child care impacts the strength, diversity, and productivity of our workforce and it is critical to laying a strong foundation for the workforce of tomorrow. Developing an affordable, high-quality child care system that serves all families should be a core public investment. It is essential to our national interest and it is essential to families in America, today. Access to child care yields staggering returns on investment for the public sector and delivers immediate benefits to private enterprise. It’s time to change how we view child care; it’s time to pave a new way forward.

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