Health Resources in Action, Inc.

Health Resources in Action, Inc. (HRiA) is a national nonprofit consultancy located in Boston, MA with a mission to help people live healthier lives and build healthy communities. HRiA is a leader in developing innovative strategies and approaches to build the capacity and strengthen organizational structure and outcomes of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, communities, coalitions, and the public health workforce. HRiA has extensive experience working with and across multiple sectors and engaging non-traditional partners in our consultancy practice including children and youth organizations, community and business leaders, and regional planners and policymakers, as well as environmental health and safety, public safety, and economic/community development agencies. HRiA focuses on evidence-based/evidence-informed strategies and approaches that address inequities and lead to improved outcomes for agencies, organizations, and communities. HRiA is a Public Health Institute and a member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes.