East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
CEO Manny Lopes

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is among the largest community health centers in the country. Its mission is to provide easily accessible, affordable, appropriate, high-quality, personalized, coordinated primary care, for all who live and work in East Boston and the surrounding communities, without regard to age, income, insurance status, language, culture, or social circumstances. The health center delivers 1,000 babies annually, and the Pediatrics Department cares for almost every child living in East Boston.

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center believes that effective primary care must be personalized, accessible, and multidisciplinary. To better serve its diverse patient population, the health center offers interpreters, transportation, and outreach. They also have developed innovative programs to help address the health and well-being of community members with specific needs, including HIV/AIDS, chronic diseases, children with multiple disabilities, and childhood obesity. For example, the health center’s Neighborhood PACE program helps seniors in the community stay in their own homes for as long as possible.