1. We believe that every child has the right to thrive. +

  • We believe that every family has the right to aspire for their children and that every child has the right to thrive. This core belief informs our culture, operations, and approach to programming.
  • We provide building blocks and support systems for children and their families, so that they may live the lives they’ve imagined.
  • We recognize that children have different learning styles and we ensure that we are meeting the unique needs of all of the children we serve.
  • In our schools, children can safely explore their own understanding of who they are and learn to celebrate the diversity of their community.

2. We believe in engaging, deeply knowing, and supporting our families. +

  • We meaningfully engage the families we serve in program design, oversight, and continuous quality improvement.
  • Our students and families can see themselves reflected in our schools and programming - in the languages we speak, in the art and photos on our walls, in the books on our shelves, and in the food we eat. Our staff reflects our families and the communities in which we serve.
  • We provide parent/caregiver empowerment coaching to help families build strong foundational relationships with their children and enjoy family life.
  • We offer the families of the children we serve access to coordinated wraparound resources, including primary and behavioral health care.

3. We believe success requires that we work in partnership with the vibrant neighborhoods in which we serve. +

  • We value the vibrant neighborhoods in which we serve. We partner with community leaders and community-based organizations and programs that deeply know and support the children and families we serve.
  • We believe in the importance of communities of practice and in coalition building. We prioritize collaboration with center-based and family child care providers and networks, advocacy organizations, and other strategic partners to achieve our shared vision of ensuring that all families in America have access to quality, affordable child care and education that begins at birth.

4. We believe in investing in the people who take care of children. +

  • We value and invest in our caregivers, both our professional staff and the families of the children we serve. Caregiving requires strength, support, and opportunities for self-care. Providing the highest quality care and forming strong foundational relationships is hard work, and to do it most effectively caregivers need opportunities for self-care and reflection.
  • We pay, treat, and invest in our staff as professionals. We respect and prioritize work-life balance and strive to ensure that our policies and benefits are family friendly.
  • We provide supports and resources that allow parents and caregivers to prioritize their own health, careers, and well-being.

5. We believe in using data and analytics to inform programming, for continuous improvement, and to demonstrate impact. +

  • We hold ourselves to the highest standard of operational excellence.
  • We recruit and work to retain the highest quality teachers and provide ongoing personalized instructional coaching and professional development opportunities. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and designed to foster inclusive learning, development, community, and collaboration.
  • We capture data and use it to drive continuous quality improvement and to demonstrate achievement of metrics of quality and impact.
  • We use evidence-based practices and real-time data to give children the strongest possible start to their education. We use evidence-based practices to best support families and to facilitate streamlined access to coordinated wraparound services, including primary and behavioral health care.
  • We achieve outcomes through evidence based practices, with urgency.